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There are lots of free Rust programming tutorials on YouTube. For example, Trevor Sullivan has a free playlist covering Rust fundamentals.

Some of the Rust topics covered in this video series include:

Install the Rust Toolchain on an Ubuntu Linux Server 🦀30:11
Beginner's Guide to Rust Data Types and Variables 🦀26:12
Rust Functions and Modules 🦀21:55
Intro to Rust Control Flow Statements & Conditional Expressions 🦀25:21
Understanding Rust Closures aka. Anonymous Functions 🦀 💻30:22
Rust Match Expressions and Patterns 🦀35:51
Rust Option Enum Type Overview20:39
Intro to Developing User-Defined Rust Structs 🦀41:40
Implement Methods on Rust Structs 🦀27:27
Rust Generics and Traits: Define Common Struct Behaviors 🦀32:22
Use the Rust Vec Type for Dynamically Expanding Arrays 🦀45:11
Rust HashMap and HashSet Collection Types 🦀36:29
Popular Rust Iterator Methods 🦀54:54
Rust Time Module and Chrono Crate Intro 🦀58:39
Rust Threading Basics 🦀 Rust Tutorial28:26
Rust Scoped Threads 🦀 23:36
Share Rust Thread Data With Mutexes 🦀35:36
Message Passing With Rust MPSC Channels 🦀30:52
Beginner's Guide to Rust Filesystem APIs 🦀41:02
Overview of Rust Cargo Tool 🦀📦28:06
Parse CLI Arguments With Rust Standard Crate 🦀📦26:50
Parse Rust CLI Args With Clap 🦀54:03
Hitchhiker's Guide to JSON Data in Rust 🦀34:18
Sending HTTP Requests in Rust Applications 🦀32:13
Hands-on With Dynamic Dispatch Traits in Rust 🦀37:09
Implement the Simple Rust Default Trait 🦀19:19

Please leave a comment on these videos and let me know your feedback, and what other topics you're interested in!