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Popular Rust Crates

CLI Tools

CLI tools (binaries) written in Rust.

batcli,shellRust clone of cat CLI tool
bottomcli,shell,systemcross-platform graphical process/system monitor
brootcli,shell,filesystemnew way to see and navigate directory trees
difftasticcli,shell,diff,codestructural diff that understands syntax
dogcli,shell,dns,networkcommand-line DNS client
dustcli,disk,shell,tuimore intuitive version of du
ezacli,shellreplacement for ls
fdcli,shellsimple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'
felixcli,shell,filesystemtui file manager with vim-like key mapping
ffsendcli,shell,sharing,filesEasily and securely share files from the command line
gituicli,shell,git,codeterminal-ui for git
gptmancli,shell,disk,partitionCLI tool for Linux that allows you to copy a partition from one disk to another and more
hyperfinecli,shell,benchmarkcommand-line benchmarking tool
monolithcli,shell,html,websave complete web pages as a single HTML file
macchinacli,shell,systemsystem information frontend
ouchcli,shell,compression,filesystemcompression and decompression for your terminal
procscli,shellmodern replacement for ps
ripgrepcli,shellrecursively searches directories for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore
RustScancli,shell,nmap,networkModern Port Scanner
sdcli,shellIntuitive find & replace CLI (sed alternative)
tealdeercli,shellvery fast implementation of tldr
tokeicli,shell,codedisplays statistics about your code
topgradecli,shell,systemkeeps your system up-to-date
zellijcli,shell,tmuxterminal workspace with batteries included
zoxidecli,shellsmarter cd command

Graphical Rust Tools

This section lists graphical tools that are built with Rust.

Helixgui,text,editorpost-modern modal text editor

Terminal Libraries

Crates that allow you to manipulate terminal sessions.

clapcli,shellfull featured, fast Command Line Argument Parser
comfy-tablecli,shell,tuiBuild beautiful terminal tables with automatic content wrapping
consolecli,shell,ansiconsole and terminal abstraction
crosstermterminalCross-platform terminal library for Rust
dialoguerterminal,inpututility library for nice command line prompts
indicatifterminalcommand line progress reporting library
ratatuitui,terminalRust library that's all about cooking up terminal user interfaces


Crates that help you write asynchronous code in Rust.

tokioasyncruntime for writing reliable asynchronous applications with Rust
rayonparallel,asyncdata parallelism library
async-stdasyncAsync version of the Rust standard library
smolasyncsmall and fast async runtime for Rust



| nom | parser | Rust parser combinator framework | | regex | regex,parser | implementation of regular expressions for Rust | | tl | html,parser | fast HTML parser | | chromiumoxide | chrome,browser | Chrome Devtools Protocol Rust API |


Crates dealing with database platforms and data transformation.

fakedata,generatorlibrary for generating fake data
mongodbdatabase,nosqlofficial MongoDB Rust Driver
polarsdataFast multi-threaded, hybrid-out-of-core query engine focussing on DataFrame front-ends
postgresdata,database,postgres,sqlNative PostgreSQL driver for the Rust programming language
quickwitdata,searchSub-second search & analytics engine on cloud storage
qdrantdata,search,vectorvector similarity search engine and vector database
serdedata,jsonSerialization framework for Rust
skimdata,searchFuzzy Finder in rust
sqlxdata,sql,databasedatabase agnostic Rust SQL Toolkit
watchexecdata,filesystemExecutes commands in response to file modifications


Crates dealing with exposing or consuming network services.

actix-webhttp,webpowerful, pragmatic, and extremely fast web framework for Rust
curl-rusthttp,webRust bindings to libcurl
hyperhttp,weblow-level HTTP library for Rust
isahchttp,webpractical HTTP client that is fun to use
quichehttp3,webimplementation of the QUIC transport protocol and HTTP/3
reqwesthttp,webeasy and powerful Rust HTTP Client
Rockethttp,api,restWeb framework for Rust
surfhttp,webFast and friendly HTTP client framework for async Rust
ureqhttp,webA simple, safe HTTP client

User Interface

Crates dealing with building graphical user interfaces (GUI).

Basaltguiwindow/ui framework for building desktop applications
Dioxusgui, reactFullstack GUI library for desktop, web, mobile, and more
Dominatorgui, reactiveZero-cost ultra-high-performance declarative DOM library using FRP signals for Rust
eguiguieasy-to-use immediate mode GUI in Rust (web + native)
Xilemguiexperimental Rust native UI framework
gtk3gui, gtk, linuxRust bindings for GTK 3
gtk4gui, gtk, linuxRust bindings for GTK 4
Icedguicross-platform GUI library for Rust
imguigui, imguiRust bindings for Dear ImGui
qmetaobjectgui, qtIntegrate Qml and Rust
relm4gui, gtkIdiomatic, GTK+-based GUI library
slintguideclarative GUI toolkit to build native user interfaces for applications
tauriguiBuild smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend
WinSafegui, windowsWindows API and GUI in safe, idiomatic Rust
tray-item-rsguiMulti-platform system tray indicator


Crates dealing with 2D raster and vector media manipulation.

ashgraphics, vulkanlightweight wrapper around Vulkan
gliumgraphics, openglSafe OpenGL wrapper for the Rust language
imageimage,fileEncoding and decoding images in Rust
miniquadgraphicsCross platform rendering in Rust
resvgsvg,image,vectorSVG rendering library
vulkanographicsSafe and rich Rust wrapper around the Vulkan API
wgpugraphicsCross-platform, safe, pure-rust graphics api


hidapiusb,hidcross-platform library for communicating with HID devices
sysinfosystem,hardwareCross-platform library to fetch system information


Crates that help analyze performance of Rust applications.

criterionbenchmark,performanceStatistics-driven benchmarking library for Rust
profilingprofiling,performancethin abstraction over instrumented profiling crates like puffin, optick, tracy, and superluminal-perf
infernoprofiling,performanceRust port of FlameGraph