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Automate Package Management on Microsoft Windows

Why Use a Windows Package Manager?

When you set up a new Windows system, it typically takes a long time to install software packages. The manual process requires visiting a variety of websites in your browser, downloading the software packages individually, and then running through graphical installers. Additionally, you must manually update these packages over time, and many applications don't have built-in auto-updaters. This manual installation and updating process is onerous, and could be greatly simplified.

By using a command line package manager, you can greatly simplify the process of installing packages on a fresh Windows system. You also gain the simplification of updating software packages, as you don't have to navigate different websites manually, for each package. Command line package managers can be scheduled to run inside Windows Task Scheduler, to automatically update packages periodically (ie. daily, weekly).

About Windows Package Managers

You can install, update, and remove software package on the Microsoft Windows platform using command line automation tools. There are several different tools available.


The Scoop package manage is an open source, community-supported project. Many popular software development tools are available for Scoop. You can install the Scoop package manager with a single command, using PowerShell.

irm | iex

Install Git Package with Scoop

Once Scoop has been installed on your system, you can install software package with it. One of the most important software packages you'll need is Git. You'll need to install Git in order to add other Scoop buckets. This happens because Scoop package metadata is stored in Git repositories on GitHub.

scoop install git

Add Buckets to Scoop

Once you've installed the Git package via Scoop, you can add other Scoop "buckets." Buckets contain the metadata for Scoop packages, which allows you to search for and install them. For example, to install the "extras" bucket, which contains many popular applications, you can run the command below.

scoop bucket add extras

Some of the popular software development tools that you might need to install with the scoop package manager include the following.

NameDescriptionInstall Command
Microsoft Visual Studio CodeOpen source, cross-platform text editor for software developersscoop install extras/vscode
Hashicorp TerraformOpen source, cross-platform automation tool to deploy multi-cloud infrastructure resourcesscoop install main/terraform
WinSCPOpen source SCP/SFTP/FTP GUI for Windowsscoop install extras/winscp
kubectlThe official Kubernetes command line client to manage cluster resourcesscoop install main/kubectl
OpenLensOpen source GUI for managing Kubernetes resourcesscoop install extras/openlens
MockoonOpen source, cross-platform GUI for REST API mockingscoop install extras/mockoon
AWS CLI ToolCross-platform tool to manage cloud resources on Amazon Web Services (AWS)scoop install main/aws
Azure CLI ToolCross-platform CLI tool to manage cloud resources on Microsoft Azurescoop install main/azure-cli
FFmpegPowerful, cross-platform CLI tool for managing audio/video filesscoop install main/ffmpeg
HelmPackage management tool for deploying apps to Kubernetes clustersscoop install main/helm
ILSpyGUI tool for .NET decompilation, inspect .NET librariesscoop install extras/ilspy
MySQLInstall the MySQL CLI and optional server binaries (msyqld)scoop install main/mysql
yt-dlpCommand line tool to download videos from sites like YouTubescoop install main/yt-dlp
RcloneOpen source CLI to copy/sync files across many storage providers (ie. local filesystem, Amazon S3)scoop install main/rclone
RedisOpen source, high-performance key-value storagescoop install main/redis
scrcpyRemote control tool for Android devicesscoop install main/scrcpy
CaddyWeb server and reverse proxy, very easy to use & configurescoop install main/caddy
Draw.ioOpen source, cross-platform GUI tool for building complex cloud / network / generic diagramsscoop install extras/
DBeaverOpen-source "community edition" GUI tool for managing databases (MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, etc.)scoop install extras/dbeaver
TelegrafOpen source, cross-platform metrics gathering agent from InfluxDatascoop install main/telegraf
PostmanFreeware REST API client GUI for testing APIsscoop install extras/postman
RufusOpen source tool for easily flashing bootable USB drives with operating system imagesscoop install extras/rufus